Cognition, Creativity and Behavior - The Columban Simulations (1982)

Psychologists Epstein and Skinner in a classic classroom film originally released in 1982 and dubbed "best film of the year" by the American Psychological Association. In sometimes stunning footage, the film shows that pigeons, with the right training, can behave in ways that appear to demonstrate advanced human phenomena: self-awareness, insight, problem solving, imitation, symbolic communication, and even the use of a memorandum. The film defends a "behavioristic" interpretation of cognitive phenomena. For more information, visit For technical information about the research, see Dr. Epstein's book "Cognition, Creativity, and Behavior: Selected Essays" or individual scientific papers available at his website.

Documents experiments carried out by B.F. Skinner and Robert Epstein in which pigeons exhibit behaviors heretofore attributed by psychologists only to man and the higher apes, such as symbolic communication, self-awareness, and insight.

Produced by: Research Press
Source: unknown
Language: English
Topics: B.F. Skinner, Robert Epstein, Behavior, Behaviorism, Behaviorology
Tags: #bfskinner #behavior #behaviorism #behaviorology

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