HOUR 25: An Interview with Jack Catran by Mike Hodel (1982)

In this recording of the KPFK radio program HOUR 25 with host Mike Hodel broadcasted on August 13, 1982 guest Jack Catran demonstrates how unusual scientific thinking was then, and probably still is today, even among people who are actually interested in science. Catran doesn't pay much attention to the feelings of the callers to the radio broadcast, but simply relays the scientific facts.

Thus, on the one hand, as a neutral listener, you realize how important it is in conversations to get involved with the value system of the person you are talking to, but on the other hand, it also becomes clear that human beings are not capable of rational thought without special training. And last but not least, one also learns something about the basics of scientific thinking.

Produced by: KPFK
Source: unknown
Language: English
Tags: #bfskinner #behavior #behaviorism #behaviorology

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