Casper Citron interviews B.F. Skinner, Alberta Szalita and David Begelman (1971)

For 15 of Casper Citron’s 43 years in broadcasting he interviewed people for WQXR. His studio for a good part of that time was the Algonquin Hotel where he spoke with people in the arts, politics and literature. Among the hundreds of interviews were Margot Fonteyn, Marcel Duchamp, Martin Luther King Jr., Robert F. Kennedy, Dwight Eisenhower and Alfred Eisenstadt.

Citron (1919-2001) was also a regular host of an interview program on WNYC-TV as well as WRFM and WOR. We are grateful to his daughter Christiane Citron of Denver, Colorado for making these broadcasts available to us and to the Paley Center for the Media for the digital copies.

On Oct 13, 1971 Casper Citron talks with the famous behavior theorist B.F. Skinner. Joining Citron and Skinner are Alberta Szalita and David Begelman. One of the topics is Skinner's just-released book "Beyond Freedom and Dignity".

Published by: The NYPR Archive Collections
Language: English
Tags: #bfskinner #behavior #behaviorism #behaviorology

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